Alexandra Chandler releases 2Q numbers proving she is the grassroots MA-3 candidate

Haverhill, MA - In the 2nd quarter of fundraising, Alexandra Chandler’s supporters contributed $22,305.10 towards her Congressional campaign in MA-3 with a median donation of $27 both for the quarter and since announcing her run for Congress—a number now synonymous with real grassroots support, not just a buzzword. 

Of the total 2Q contributions, 22% were $10 or less. And with 42.7% of these donations coming from Massachusetts, it is clear that not only working and middle-class people in Massachusetts but those across the nation are behind her as well. 

With over 1000 individual contributions totaling $108,847.49 since her announcement in November 2017, Chandler has been running that authentic grassroots campaign from the start without the benefit of self-funding from personal wealth, Big Money donors, corporate PAC money, or lobbyists and special interest groups. Her donors are individuals, ordinary working-class and middle-class people, the very people who she plans to represent in Congress.

Alexandra Chandler is not a Big Money candidate but she is not letting that stop her. She is out working daily to meet voters the old-fashioned way: by shaking their hands. Says Chandler, “At first, some people thought money would scare people out of jumping into this race. Then those people thought money would make people jump out. The same people who have been wrong all along think money will decide this race. I believe these people will keep being wrong and the voters and I will prove it on September 4.”

Alexandra Chandler is the only candidate running in MA-3 with both career national security experience and a law degree, qualifications that matter to constituents who see this Administration attempting to align our country with hostile nations, rebuke our allies, and fill the Supreme Court with justices who could take rights away from those who are most vulnerable, like women, immigrants, people living with disabilities, people of color, and LGBT people like Alexandra, a transgender lesbian woman herself. They also know that she has comprehensive plans to ensure a living wage for all, quality healthcare and childcare, to combat the opioid epidemic and climate change, and that she is the only candidate with experience working across divisions and across the federal government to get things done in Washington, ready on Day 1 to serve MA-3 as she has served our country for over a decade.

Alexandra Chandler spent 13 years as an analyst and leader of analysts at the Office of Naval Intelligence, where she specialized in analysis combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and arms smuggling. She is now on the ballot for the September 4 Democratic primary election in Massachusetts’s Third Congressional District, running to fill the seat of the departing Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. Her biography and platform can be found at