Chandler endorses pro-LGBT equality Sabrina Heisey for State Rep against incumbent Colleen Garry

Alexandra Chandler, MA-3 candidate for Congress, says candidates “must take a stand” with transgender rights on the ballot in November.

Haverhill, MA - Alexandra Chandler announced today that she is endorsing Sabrina Heisey of Dracut to replace Colleen Garry as the next representative for the 36th Middlesex District in Massachusetts’ House of Representatives.

“Though I respect her decades of service, Representative Garry has been a vocal opponent of LGBT+ equality and fought against the anti-discrimination protections for transgender people now under threat of repeal by referendum in November. She has never repudiated her position, and opposed the fight for marriage equality in Massachusetts. A representative who will not stand for the equality of everyone cannot be an effective representative for anyone. Dracut and Tyngsborough deserve better. Sabrina Heisey will bring her unwavering commitment to LGBT+ equality, living wage jobs, single-payer healthcare, defending Massachusetts’ gun safety laws, as well as a host of other issues. Sabrina and I stand together for opportunity, dignity, security - and equality - for all,” Chandler said.

Chandler calls for the other MA-3 Democratic congressional candidates to join her in unequivocally standing up for anti-discrimination protections for transgender people and in endorsing Sabrina Heisey.

Chandler understands that opportunity, dignity, and security for all -- the cornerstones of her campaign for the working and middle-class people of Massachusetts’ 3rd District -- is not possible without equality for all. The Massachusetts Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Veto referendum, a measure that seeks to rescind the right of transgender people in Massachusetts to access public accommodations free from discrimination, will be on the ballot in the Commonwealth this November. A recent poll conducted by WBUR and MassINC Research found that only 52% of voters would vote yes to keep protections for transgender people in place. “Equality for all is at risk, and if equality loses in Massachusetts, extremists around the country will be emboldened to launch similar attacks.” Chandler said.

Given the stakes, Chandler believes it is vital for all candidates in Massachusetts - Democrats, Republicans and independents - to take a clear stand with the most vulnerable of society, and a stand against those who oppose equality for all. “It’s transgender people today, it’s people of color, the poor, and immigrants every day as well. We must stand with all those being victimized by ignorance and targeted by fear-mongering and hate, even if it is not popular or politically expedient. I will do that now and I will do that in Congress.”

Alexandra Chandler spent 13 years as an analyst and leader of analysts at the Office of Naval Intelligence, where she specialized in analysis combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and arms smuggling. She is now on the ballot for the September 4 Democratic primary election in Massachusetts’s Third Congressional District, running to fill the seat of the retiring Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. Her biography and platform can be found at

Chandler will be joining the other MA-3 candidates today at 10AM in a debate about foreign policy at the Devens Commerce Center, 33 Andrews Parkway. She will be available for comment following the debate.