Alexandra Chandler Endorsed by Maynard Elected Official

Alexandra Chandler is pleased to announce her first endorsement from a currently serving elected official for her campaign for Congress. Maynard Selectman and co-President of the Maynard Business Alliance Melissa Levine-Piro says, “Alexandra’s background as a naval intelligence analyst and lawyer put her in a position to handle the unique challenges our Commonwealth and country are facing. As our Congresswoman, I know Alexandra will stand up for the things I value—healthcare for all, a living wage, family leave, education, national security, inclusion and acceptance of our citizens. As an elected official to the great town of Maynard, Alexandra is focused on the local issues that matter to the citizens here. I’m proud to endorse Alexandra Chandler as our district’s next Congressional representative and I hope you will stand with me and do the same.”

Chandler is a newcomer to the world of Massachusetts electoral politics but that didn’t deter Levine-Piro. “Rarely does a new politician enter the scene with the vision, compassion, and experience to support their candidacy, but Alexandra has these qualities and more.”

Alexandra Chandler enthusiastically responded to the endorsement, "I am so proud to receive Melissa's endorsement. Melissa serves on the front lines of local government and understands that dynamic communities like Maynard need a Congresswoman who is ready to serve on the full breadth of national issues and advance progressive priorities on day one. Only then can Maynard and communities throughout the Third District fully take advantage of the resources and opportunities that only the federal government can provide.”

“I also committed to Melissa what I commit to all the citizens of this district-- to be a tireless advocate for the needs of the most vulnerable citizens of our district. I will stand up for better wages, lower cost high-quality universal healthcare, affordable child care, and education from strong neighborhood schools to no-cost community college for all. At the same time, I will bring national security experience to Congress that is needed now more than ever. I look forward to serving as Melissa's and Maynard’s partner and representative in Washington, as I will for all the communities of this District.”

Alexandra Chandler is a Democrat living in Haverhill and seeks to represent the 3rd Congressional District of Massachusetts in the seat that will be vacated by current Congresswoman Niki Tsongas.