Alexandra Chandler Endorsed by Leading Marlborough Activist

Alexandra Chandler has been endorsed in her run for the 3rd Congressional District seat by Kirk Hurley, a member of the Marlborough Democratic City Committee. Hurley is the Chair of the Marlborough Democratic City Committee but is endorsing Alexandra Chandler only in his personal capacity. 

Hurley's support is much sought after, in part because Marlborough is known to be a bellweather in Third District races for Congress. Hurley has been courted by many of the 14 campaigns but has decided to throw his full personal support behind Chandler, saying:

“Alexandra Chandler has impressed me and many others in the Marlborough community of Democrats and progressives each and every time she has appeared or has interacted with us. Her deep knowledge of both foreign and domestic policy means that she will not need years of on the job training once she gets to Congress. She has the backbone and determination that is needed right now to defend our nation's achievements, such as programs like Social Security and expanded access to health care, as well as standing up to foreign threats, picking up right where Niki Tsongas left off.”

Chandler responded, saying, "I am honored to receive Kirk's endorsement, the first personal endorsement I have received from a Democratic City Committee chair. I am particularly proud of it as Kirk was the moderator of the one and only forum thus far where all the candidates to succeed Niki Tsongas were on one stage, giving him a unique perspective to make this endorsement. More and more voters in this district, like Kirk, are demanding that their next Congresswoman have a breadth and depth of understanding of the issues facing our district and our country. They want their next Congresswoman to possess a long-standing commitment to service. They value a clear dedication to a bold progressive vision and the policies to make that vision a reality. I'm so pleased to have passed Kirk's rigorous test for endorsement and look forward to answering the tough questions of voters throughout the district and earning their support, one by one."