Former Washington Director for Congresswoman Niki Tsongas Endorses Alexandra Chandler for Congress

Sarah Christopherson ran Rep. Tsongas’s Washington office for five years, says Chandler’s healthcare and national security experience makes her the leader to carry on Tsongas’s legacy and chart a historic path forward for women in Congress.

Today, Alexandra Chandler welcomed her first endorsement as the next U.S. House Representative for Massachusetts’s 3rd District. Sarah Christopherson served Massachusetts’s Third and Fifth Districts as a senior aide to Congresswoman Niki Tsongas from 2008 to 2015, and managed Congresswoman Tsongas’s Washington and legislative operations for five years as her Washington Director. Christopherson announced her endorsement today by an email message to Chandler’s supporters and on social media.

“I was proud to serve the Massachusetts third district (and its predecessor, the fifth!) as a senior aide to Congresswoman Niki Tsongas from 2008 to 2015, including five years as her Washington Director. Today I’m thrilled to endorse Alexandra Chandler, a talented and experienced leader who can both carry on the best of Niki’s legacy and create her own unique, historic path forward for women in Congress.“

Christopherson cited Chandler’s superior experience in healthcare as a key factor in her endorsement.

“As Niki‘s top aide in Washington, I helped her pore over the details of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); now as the policy director for a national women’s health organization, I work to make our health care system better for everyone. I know how valuable Alexandra’s on the ground experience as the former vice chair of the board of directors for the Whitman Walker community health center -- where she supported the healthcare of up to 13,000 patients a year -- will be in the fight for quality health care. Alexandra's work with Whitman Walker Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center, and her experience advocating for marginalized groups gives her a unique perspective in the fight to save the best elements of the ACA while working to fix its weaknesses and stop GOP sabotage. “

Christopherson also outlined that Chandler’s national security expertise— unique in this Congressional race— is critical for a Member of Congress.

“As Niki’s Washington Director, I also saw firsthand how critical mastery of national security issues is to both the safety of our country and the economic well-being of the district. Alexandra was a leader within the Intelligence Community and in her work in the Pentagon.“

Finally, Christopherson noted Chandler’s personal history as a transgender woman and her demonstrated courage to go through a gender transition in 2006 while working on the job as an intelligence analyst as qualities that make her the best choice to succeed Congresswoman Tsongas.

“She (Chandler) was also one of the first openly transgender women to go through a gender transition while working as an intelligence analyst back in 2006. Alexandra has both the policy chops to hit the ground running and the courage to do the right thing even when it’s hard. Let’s get to work, and send Alexandra to Congress in 2018.”

Chandler welcomed Christopherson’s endorsement, saying: “I’m honored to have Sarah’s endorsement, as she served as Niki Tsongas’s point person to help her get things done for our district in Congress. Her endorsement underscores that I have the unique mix of expertise, life experience, and leadership to get things done in Washington. We need action to control health care costs, create higher paying jobs, and to protect the security of our communities by taking on the opioid epidemic at home and supporting diplomacy and defense abroad. I will work to carry on Congresswoman Tsongas’s legacy, and give working and middle class people the opportunity, dignity and security they deserve.”

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