Seeking to Serve: The Next Generation of LGBTQ Politicians

“Fundamentally, the real argument that resonated with me is this: I had spent my life working on some of the toughest challenges that this country faces, in areas where inaction, or just yelling at each other, is not an option.”

She points to the struggles that District residents have faced with unemployment and underemployment, the rising costs of healthcare, and opioid addiction as key issues that will inform her campaign — concerns she hears echoed at every local community meeting she attends.

Chandler recently received key endorsements that should provide her campaign a boost, including Tsongas’ former Washington office director and the Trans United Fund, a political action committee that has backed other successful transgender candidates for office, including Virginia Delegate-elect Danica Roem and Minneapolis City Council members Phillipe Cunningham and Andrea Jenkins. But Chandler is not just relying on endorsements to stand out from the crowded field of candidates seeking the seat.

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