Meet Alexandra Chandler

When our nation faced threats from abroad, Alexandra Chandler answered the call to serve. Now, dangerous political extremes within our country threaten our economic security, the health and safety of our families and neighbors, and our shared future. We all must answer the call and demand better. That's why Alexandra is running to represent us in Congress.

Alexandra Chandler with former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

After 9/11, she answered the call to serve our country.

While in law school, Alexandra and her wife Catherine lived in New York City. During the 9/11 attacks Catherine was on a subway train under lower Manhattan when the towers fell. Alexandra spent hours not knowing if she survived.

That day, Alexandra made the decision to join the intelligence community, where she served for 12 years in Naval Intelligence preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction from countries like North Korea and Iran and targeting arms smuggling to war zones and terrorist groups. She was also assigned to the Pentagon to enforce the same high standards of excellence and professional ethics across all military intelligence agencies that she set in leading her own division of analysts.

She understands the challenges Massachusetts families are facing.

Three generations of Alexandra’s family – her parents, her wife Cathy and their two sons – live together in Haverhill.

Alexandra and her wife juggled student loan debt and day care costs because neither had paid family leave. Alexandra understands the difference economic security and health security can make in a person’s life. Growing up, she witnessed her father diagnosed with a devastating illness, struggle with addiction, and lose a job, putting emotional and financial stress on the family.

Alexandra Chandler, her wife Cathy, and their two sons
Alexandra Chandler speaks at a rally

She knows now is the time for courageous leadership.

If we want better outcomes, we must have the courage to demand better from our leaders. Alexandra knows something about courage: in 2006, as a transgender woman, she was one of the first in the U.S. intelligence community to transition on the job. Alexandra is the only candidate in this race who has worked in national security. She got things done against some of the toughest challenges in the world, and will work across boundaries to get things done in Congress. As a former intelligence analyst, Alexandra will lead in the effort to stand up for the integrity of our democracy against threats foreign and domestic. She will work to ensure Russia never dares to interfere with our elections again


In Congress, she will stand up for our Massachusetts values.

As the next Congresswoman from Massachusetts's 3rd District, Alexandra will stand up for jobs and better pay. She will stand up for better healthcare at a lower cost, on the way to universal health care and paid family leave for everyone. She will stand up for better addiction treatment, for common-sense gun safety solutions, for voting rights and civil liberties, and for policies to combat climate change.

She will stand up for working people, middle class people, women, people of color, immigrants, veterans, people with disabilities, and LGBT people against President Trump’s attacks on us. No more falling through the cracks, no more retreating from the progress we have made. Alexandra will stand up for opportunity, dignity and security for all.

Alexandra Chandler and her two sons