Rebuild Our Infrastructure and Invest in Technology

For our economic opportunity and quality of life, we can and should have the best infrastructure in the world, as we once did – from our transportation networks of rails, roads, airports, seaports and spaceports to our public utilities, buildings and parks.  And it is our responsibility as citizen stewards of this country to invest in the future of our country for the benefit of future generations. We have failed at this for many years – including in Massachusetts. The state of our roads are consistently ranked among the worst in the country, traffic congestion is among the highest in the country, and our investments in public transit that could greatly improve our quality of life have lagged for years.  It’s time to actually get things done.

My initial proposals:

Index the federal gas tax to inflation and use the proceeds to invest in a transportation system worthy of Massachusetts and America: We should use the proceeds for deferred maintenance on current road and highway infrastructure, such as the Mass Pike / I-495 interchange, the Concord rotary, numerous bridges and many other projects of traffic and public safety concern throughout our district, and both maintenance and investments in entirely new public transportation and mass transit infrastructure, including high speed rail between Boston and Washington, D.C., expanded light rail, and bus rapid transit.

I will advocate for federal funding to improve and expand the MBTA system for the benefit of the citizens of the 3rd District: I will seek federal support for expansion of the Lowell line and increases in service on both the Lowell and Haverhill lines, as well as the North-South rail link, which will connect Merrimack Valley residents and jobs to communities south of Boston and vice versa, stimulating growth and creating jobs. I also propose funding to support increases in commuter buses, inter-city bus service provided by several 3rd District transit authorities, and to support software upgrades to allow for integration of bus scheduling and trip planning for consumers.

I will advocate for federal funding and loan guarantees to support the upgrade of public utilities infrastructure: I will seek federal support for upgrades to improve the resilience of our electrical grid as well as water and wastewater treatment plants long past their operational life which jeopardize the health and tourism of communities along the Merrimack River, including Lawrence, Lowell, Haverhill and others.

Federal infrastructure funds and national service corps to assist in upgrading and retrofitting schools, libraries, and other public buildings: Many schools in the 3rd District have decades of deferred maintenance or improvement needs, from new roofs to structural repairs to HVAC to expanding instruction spaces. I will advocate for 3rd District communities in competing for federal infrastructure grants for these improvements, as well as the use of national service corps members labor and expertise to get this done.