Gun Safety

I’ll never forget the time I got a call from my son’s school that it was on lockdown due to a shooting across the street – as a mother and a parent, that moment was my worst nightmare. I am still thankful he got through that day safe. With every mass shooting and too many lives cut short, I remember that there but for the grace of God goes my son and my family.

I spent 12 years producing intelligence analysis to stop weapons from going into conflict zones all over the world, in order to save lives. Concerts, clubs, even our kids’ schools have become conflict zones due to uncontrolled gun violence. Poor communities, especially poor communities of color, face this violence every day with little or no media coverage. We also rarely hear about the countless deaths due to suicide by gun.

Moments of silence won’t break the NRA’s stranglehold on effective policy – only leadership will. I will be a leader in the fight for common-sense gun control and gun safety policies, to save American lives at home. Massachusetts is an exemplar when it comes to effective gun control, but to keep our own citizens safe, we need to make change at the federal level.

My initial proposals:

Mandate universal background checks with a psychological screening and enhanced layers of data flow to prevent those in a mental health crisis, those convicted of domestic abuse, terrorists, and others from purchasing a gun.

Ban large capacity magazines, and modifications including bump stocks.

Fund buy-back programs and studies to research “smart-gun” technology and other potential gun safety solutions, long blocked by the NRA.

Mandate a 10 day waiting period for all gun purchases.

Remove the NRA-purchased restrictions on the ATFE's ability to effectively track and trace firearms, and give them the tools to disrupt the illegal smuggling of weapons at home as I had when working to disrupt arms smuggling abroad.

Raise the minimum age for gun purchases to 21-- people should not be able to buy a gun before they can buy alcohol.

Restore the federal assault weapons ban which was previously declared constitutional, make it permanent and improve it, to include: 1) a more stringent "one-feature" test; 2) a prohibition on the transfer of grandfathered weapons, and 3) banning all future manufacture of these weapons for sale to civilians.

These policies will stop some mass shootings from occurring and reduce the carnage of others. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution as a federal employee and intelligence analyst, and I will honor the same oath to the Constitution as a Member of Congress to defend the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans. I grew up with an uncle and cousins who hunted every year, and working for the military have numerous gun-owning friends. The policies I describe will not interfere with the 2nd Amendment rights of hunters, people who enjoy marksmanship as a hobby, or those who choose to buy a gun or guns for self-defense or as a collector..