Protecting the Environment and Combating Climate Change

I have two small children and I am determined that they grow up and grow old on a healthy planet with a thriving environment. My personal Catholic faith also informs my conviction that we must be stewards of the beauty, diversity, and riches of this world for future generations. We, living today, are the people that must make the intentional decision to transition to a fully renewable economy, in order to save the world and human civilization as we know it. Having worked in the national security realm for 13 years, I will be a leader in pushing persuadable Congressional Republicans to see climate change as a grave national security issue, as the U.S. Navy and DoD have both gone on record doing so in the last several years.

I understand a transition to a fully renewable economy will not come overnight and not without effort and taking on special interests invested in the status quo. But given the stakes for our planet, and the economic opportunities, that is exactly why we need to greatly increase sustained investments in renewable technology R&D, and to accelerate the federal government’s own transition to renewable energy. The federal government must be a facilitator and leader in this effort beyond even the scale of the Manhattan and Apollo Projects – and the 3rd District’s manufacturing base is well postured to take advantage of the economic opportunities that will result.

My initial proposals:

A 100% renewable economy by 2050: I support the 100 by 50 Act, and its array of policy prescriptions, incentives and funding mechanisms to transition us to a 100% renewable economy by 2050. This will not completely eliminate the effects of climate change, but it is the bold next step we need to safeguard America and the planet for future generations. It will unleash a wave of economic opportunity across the country, including in manufacturing and service sectors within the 3rd District. This will also benefit our national security through 100% energy independence.

#StillIn, and supporting the US reentry to the Paris climate agreement: I will urge the Administration to return to the Paris Agreement, and failing that, will participate in Congressional delegations and other forums to ensure the world that Massachusetts and the majority of Americans are #StillIn, and that America will return soon. This is not just rhetoric-- but with the aim of encouraging countries throughout the world to continue to stick to necessary environmental targets.

Expand solar and electric vehicle credits.

Restore ban on drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

Ban new offshore drilling off the United States.

Make long-term climate sustainability a requirement for projects to receive federal infrastructure funding support and loan guarantees

Overhaul the National Flood Insurance Program to reflect the real risk of a changing climate and rising seas.

Save the Merrimack river and promote clean water throughout the country through conservation of our rivers and aggressive remediation of lead contamination.

Study and support state and regional carbon tax and cap and trade programs to determine which model is best to scale up for national implementation.

Enhance federal support to increase the amount of carbon sequestered in the soil by .4% a year.