Organizations that have endorsed Alexandra's bold, progressive campaign or have recognized distinction.


Moms Demand Action Candidate Distinction

I'm proud to earn the candidate distinction from Moms Demand Action! I will bring badly needed passion and expertise on this issue to Congress to save lives at home, and a determination to actually make progress on this issue as overwhelming majorities of Americans-- including gun owners-- demand.


Common Defense PAC

"Her comprehensive and specific policy platform, particularly on foreign policy and human rights, along with her bold and inspiring vision on healthcare and economic opportunity, make Alexandra stand out form the crowded field of candidates for this seat."


Trans United Fund

"Trans United Fund is proud to endorse Alexandra Chandler for U.S. Congress. Alexandra has a progressive vision for her district where trans people – and all people – can truly thrive."


National Center for Transgender Equality Action Fund

"In a competitive race with nine other candidates, Alexandra has a fighting chance to become the first openly transgender member of Congress.

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Demand Universal Healthcare

"Alexandra knows something about courage: in 2006, as a transgender woman, she was one of the first in the U.S. intelligence community to transition on the job. She got things done against some of the toughest challenges in the world, and will work across boundaries to get things done in Congress.” 

Endorsements from Elected Officials or leaders in their individual capacities only.

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State Representative Kate Hogan,  3rd Middlesex District

"I endorse Alexandra Chandler to be our next Congresswoman for Massachusetts' 3rd District. Alexandra has a positive vision to lift up all our communities, the expertise across all the issues to make that vision a reality, and she is a proven bridge builder who can work across divisions to unite people and make progress against our toughest challenges for the benefit of all. 

She is the candidate who is best prepared to represent us and advocate for us on day one. Ever since Alexandra stepped up to serve our country in the Intelligence Community after living through the 9/11 attacks in New York City, she has been a public servant, answering a call to serve. Alexandra is answering that call to serve again in her run for Congress. I am proud to stand with her."

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Former State Representative Pat Walrath

“Alexandra is head and shoulders above the competition in this race. I invite everyone to read her platform and listen to her speak, and I’m confident you will feel the same."

Alexandra: "Pat is the model for the sort of Congresswoman I want to be: thinking big and working across divisions with determination to make the everyday lives of people better— from improving their health and lowering their healthcare costs, to revitalizing communities and creating jobs in a thriving economic and environmental ecosystem. I’m proud to follow in her footsteps.

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Maynard Selectman and Co-President of the Maynard Business Alliance, Melissa Anne Levine-Piro

"Alexandra’s background as a naval intelligence analyst and lawyer put her in a position to handle the unique challenges our Commonwealth and country are facing. As our Congresswoman, I know Alexandra will stand up for the things I value—healthcare for all, a living wage, family leave, education, national security, inclusion and acceptance of our citizens."


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Haverhill Democratic City Committeewoman Chere Bemelmans

"Alexandra will fight for the issues I believe in: an economy that works for everyone, not just the 1%; universal access to low-cost healthcare; a strong public education system; and racial and gender equity. She is #ReadyOnDayOne!”



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Former Washington Director for Congresswoman Tsongas, Sarah Christopherson

“Alexandra Chandler is a talented and experienced leader who can both carry on the best of Niki’s legacy and create her own unique, historic path forward for women in Congress.”

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LGBTQ+ Pioneer, Vice Chair of the Newton Democratic City Committee, Holly Ryan

“Every time I have seen Alexandra speak, she has totally impressed me and everyone in the room with her knowledge of the issues. I’m proud to work for her election” 

Alexandra: "Holly was one of the leaders responsible for introducing the first transgender civil rights bill in Massachusetts over twelve years ago, was the first co-chair of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, and was one of the leaders behind the effort to get trans people dedicated seats as members of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee."

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Former MA-3 Congressional Candidate, Keith St.John

“Her lived experience, professional experience, articulated message, and willingness to compromise in order to improve the quality of life not just for those of us in MA-3, but nationwide as well, make her ideally suited to represent us during these times."

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Chair of the Marlborough Democratic City Committee, Kirk Hurley

“Alexandra Chandler has impressed me and many others in the Marlborough community of Democrats and progressives each and every time she has appeared or has interacted with us. Her deep knowledge of both foreign and domestic policy means that she will not need years of on the job training once she gets to Congress. 

She has the backbone and determination that is needed right now to defend our nation's achievements, such as programs like Social Security and expanded access to health care, as well as standing up to foreign threats, picking up right where Niki Tsongas left off.”

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Acton Selectman, Joan Gardner 

"As an elected official I know the importance of supporting and electing an experienced woman. Alexandra has the experience and heart to be our next Congresswoman."  

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Dracut School Committee-member and Candidate for 36th Middlesex District, Sabrina Heisey 

"When I met Alexandra, I was so impressed with her. Of all the candidates in MA-3, she is just someone I feel we can trust as our Congresswoman. She’s smart and compassionate. I think she will do a great job."

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Co-Chair of the Maynard Democratic City Committee, Andrew Snyder

“Alexandra Chandler offers us a unique blend of national security experience, management know-how, and passion for progressive action. She knows how and when to be tough, and how and when to be caring. She will always keep the citizens of the 3rd District uppermost in her mind.”